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Create and maintain appealing paved surfaces with the help of our experienced team

The paved surfaces of your residential and commercial spaces play an important role in the aesthetic and functional appeal of your settings. Dedicated service and routine maintenance are essential for keeping these surfaces at their best.

Your budget should be an important part of planning any improvement project. Call us for a FREE estimate and let us help you plan a project that meets your needs and your budget.

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Your confidence in our service is important to us. We are committed to providing quality and excellence in every job we complete. We also provide warranties on every service.

• Seal coating

• Resurfacing

• Maintenance

• Overlays

• Driveways, walkways, parking lots

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Rely on us for regular maintenance to keep your pavement safe and at its most visually appealing state.

Put your trust in our family-owned and operated company to provide lasting, beautiful, and safe results. Whether your pavement is new and you want to keep it at its best, or it's showing signs of age and wear, let Gierach's Grading & Paving Inc help.

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